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VAT Specialist Accountants for Opticians

Any practitioner in the optical sector will be aware of the complexity of VAT as it applies to opticians. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex and ever-changing VAT rules mean you’ll never miss a deadline, and never miss a trick.

“Opticians and VAT are a breed apart, so having someone who really understands the regulations and our own particular challenges is very helpfull.”

S. Janjua – Derby

Our VAT consultant is a former HMRC inspector with over twenty years of  experience in dealing with opticians’ VAT, during this time he has helped hundreds if not thousands of opticians to claim millions in VAT refunds.

Our specialist VAT knowledge covers a range of services, some of them are as follows:

VAT Returns
Preparation and Submission of VAT Returns, Including De-Minimis Calculations
Review and Submission of VAT return completed by the client
VAT System
Review of the existing VAT system to improve the recovery
Obtaining the best percentage from HMRC under Full Cost Apportionment system (FCA)
Implementation of Separately Disclosed Charge system (SDC)
VAT advice
VAT advice on equipment purchases
VAT advice on shop refurbishment or refitting
Handling VAT inspections by HMRC

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